January 28, 2010

Till We Meet Again

My friend N. returned from New York last week and decided not to tell us.
Apparently she had been planning it since december, cause she thought it'd funny to suprise us.
I was allready wondering for the past weeks when she'd come back, but I did'n't ask her.
In fact, I'm such a good friend that I hadn't talked to her for a month or so.
Not that I didn't want to, I just kept forgetting to e-mail her.
Anyway, it was a great suprise.
It's so awesome to see her again and she's got these amazing stories to tell.
Right now she's trying to decide wether to go back next month.
Her millionair boyfriend (that kind of stuff only happends to her) bought her a plane ticket, because he want's her to come back.
She only wants to come if he gets her an appartment and a job first.
Just to be sure she won't be depending on his charity.
And she isn't sure she likes him enough too.
I'm curious to see what she'll decide.

And N. isn't my only returned friend. My best friend T. is coming back from Senegal next week and I'm so excited.
As fun as it is to have N. back, I missed T. more.
She's my party-buddy and the one I go to when I'm bored.
We can sit in her kitchen for hours eating cookies, drinking tea and completely analysing the past weekend.
I really missed her, so I can't wait to see her again and hug her senseless.

It's really a roullette with my friends this year.
Everytime one persons comes back another one goes away.
As N. and T. come home, S. is going off to Ghana in two weeks.
And in two months I'll be in Italy.
The only one who stays all year is M.
She wanted to go to New Sealand or Russia, yeah those two have nothing in common whatsoever, but she can't come up with the money.
She can't save anything.
And besides that she wants to go to Dramaschool next year, so all her time and money are spend on auditions.
And her new boyfriend.

It's a good thing though that not everybody's gone at the same time, I'd be bored out of my mind.
Now there's allways someone to hang out with or party with.
Even without T., though it's not as much fun.

I'm still having job and money issues and I'm really bummed that I can't go anywhere.
I kind of wanted to go back to Hamburg for a week or so and visit friends in different towns, but I can't afford it.
Oh well, at least I'm going to Italy, I can't wait.
This cold weather is staring to piss me off.
I constantly have a cold, it sucks.

(Racoon - Love you more)

January 21, 2010

Holy Mother Of All That's Sweet

I just thought I'd be fun to check where 'next page' get's me now.
You know, that little thing in the top corner of your screen that you never use, that takes you to a related weblog.
I think it's funny just to see in what category my weblog is.
I tried it before and it got me to all these wierd bookreview pages.
Seriously, why do so many people write weblogs about other peoples books.
Dont'get me wrong, I have nothing against books or useless weblogs (mine isn't that interesting).
But why, oh why, so many?
And most importantly, why am I amongst those?
I hate bookreviews. I judge books on it cover and I haven't writen a report since Highschool.
I was a little shocked.

Either way, I decided to try it again today and guess what...
I landed on some incredibly impressive pastry pages.
Seems like they categorise you on the topic of your last post, cause I only wish I could bake like those people.
I'm suprised my keyboard still works, cause I drowled all over it.
No just kidding, but hey were some gorgeous pictures of cupcakes and frosting.

I love those kind of cookbook pictures that make food look like art.
Though mine never resemble them.
I'm a good cook though.
I'm only eighteen, but I think it's save to say that I have a talent for cooking and baking.
Some of that might have to do with the fact that I love eating as well.
There's something about good food that can just make my day.

I only wish I had the supplies to make those kind of amazing looking cakes and cupcakes.
Too bad, I'll just have to do with great tasting, but plain looking food.
And maybe someday, there'll be people drowling over pictures of my pastry.
Would be awesome.

So, try the 'next page' button.
Either from my page, very recommendable.
Or from your own, and check out where you're categorised.

(Kelis - Milkshake)

January 20, 2010

If Even Baking Doesn't Help

I love baking.
I don't know why, but I have a thing for food that's oven baked.
There's something about baking that comforts me and off course, it smells great!

So that's why I was baking jelly filled muffins yesterday even though I'm ill.
I thought I'd try as some kind of therapy.
It didn't really help though, because I can't really taste anything due to my severe cold.

It sucks being sick, especially because I haven't been healthy for that long.
I don't usesully get sick and I had the swineflu in Hamburg.
It's not fair.
Though I'm doing a lot better allready.
I still have a mean cough and my head's filled with bugger, I don't have fever.
On the other hand I'm also on my period so I'm completely exhausted.
Bad thing never come alone I guess.

Hm.. I'm wondering if saying that I'm on my period in a weblog is kind of tacky.
Oh well, you don't know who I am and it's all natural after all.

My job search hasn't had a lot of result yet.
Bloody recession.
I left my CV in a shoe store in town that's hiring, but I haven't heard from them yet.
And I applied for a job as receptionist, but they needed someone for at least three months and I'm leaving in two so that didn't work out either.

I'm definitly starting to get frustrated, I have to make some more money and I'm starting to get very bored.
Oh, life sucks from time to time.

(Caro Emerald - A Night Like This)

January 13, 2010

Get The Job Done

As you all know, I've been searching for a job.
And I hate it.

In this little town I live there's just nothing for young girls with no actual training.
I have a highschool diploma, but that doesn't get you anywhere.

I'm finally feeling the results of the economic-crisis and it sucks!

There's just noone who hires through a jobagency anymore.
And that's exactly how I want to work.
A little light administrative work, you know.

My mom is starting to get on my case about earning some of my own money and doind something beside sitting at home all day.
She's got a point, but it's not like I don't want to work.
I just don't want to work at a supermarket again.
Or something crappy like that.

So, today I'm going to sign in with a couple more agencies.
And yesterday I saw a shoestore that was looking for salespeople.
Guess I could try that.
I kind of like shoes.

I'm a girl, duh.

I'm working on the sitting around thing too.
Tommorow I'll be visiting some friends in college.
That'll be fun!

And I have to write a letter of motivation to the University.
I want to study Liberal Arts and Sciences next year and they have a personal procedure.
So, I'll be working on a at least one page essay on why I want to study that.
Which sucks.
I could write it in 3 or 4 lines, but I don't think they'll go for that.
I'm gonna have to write some crap around it.

Also very good news:
I am definitly going to Italy!

Yes, I finally organised the whole thing.

I'll be doing a languagecourse in Florence from 29-03 till 22-05.
I'm so excited!

But now I definitly have to earn money, because it's kind of expensive.
The important thing is that I'm going though.

(Coldplay - The Scientist)

January 8, 2010


Boredom is starting to take me over.
Which is like a downward spiral to me.
As soon as I don't really have something to do, I get bored.
And when I'm bored there's nothing I want to do anymore.
Leading to even more boredom.

So, this week I've been sitting at home doing pretty much nothing.
Looking for a job, but I'm kind of half-assing it.
There's plenty of things to do, like cleaning out my room or going to the gym.
But I just don't feel like it.
Instead I've watched the entire first season of Glee.
Which is amazing, by the way.

Okay, I'll clean up today.
I have to, I can't really see the floor in my room anymore.
And than... I don't know.
Watch some t.v. I guess...

(Waylon - Wicked Way)

January 2, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I can never stick to my resolutions.
I have no selfdiscipline.
I'm a lazy ass.
Then again, one of them just is impossible.
You see, you can't starting to drink less on New Year's Eve.
That's insane.
And once you broke one, why even try the others, right.
I always have the same resolutions:

1) work-out more
2) stop eating so much candy
3) drink less alcohol
4) work harder
5) actually organise stuff I want

I don't think I've ever been able to see any of those through for longer than a week.
A little sad, but I don't really care that much.
For instance, I drank a lot on New Year's.

There goes resolution #3.
Not that I got drunk. I drank twice what my friends drank and still I was the only one who was remotely sober.

In an attempt to eat away my light hangover, I had a lot of left-over christmas cookies.
Not my fault, they are just way to good.
Exit #2.

I didn't go to the gym today, but watched Glee instead.

I'm sure the other two of my resolutions won't make it to the end of next week.
Who needs 'em anyway...

So, good luck to all of you in 2010 and hopefully you made some better resolutions than I did.

(Gym Class Heroes - Cookie Jar)