February 24, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?!

I can't believe it.
I was watching the Olympics last night (10 km iceskating men) and it was horrible.
Our sure shot at another gold medal.
The most beautiful race ever and the moron screws it up.
Iceskating is the only sport I get excited about, because it's the only thing we Dutch win at.

But this...

I'm still so pissed.

I was jumping up and down the sofa swearing like a sailor when it happened.
I mean, what idiot. switches. to. the. wrong. track?!

Your a worldchampion iceskater for godsake!
You'd imagine you'd know how these things go...

Sven Kramer has been my favourite athlete since he won his first Olympic Gold medal on his 19th birthday.
And now, a mistake this stupid.

He would have beaten Lee by four seconds!

Four f#cking seconds!

Lee broke the olypic record and Sven would have broken that record

By four seconds!

I still can't believe it.
And I'm a little embarassed about getting so wound up.
But seriously...

(this doesn't even deserve a song)

February 21, 2010

Wow, now that was a lame birthday party yesterday.
It started out okay, but it ended in awkward boredom.
My friend J., was celebrating her 19th birthday and because we broke the front door last time, she didn't buy a lot of booze.
Which isn't neccesarily a problem.
Especially since her friends from college managed to get tipsy on the little beer and wine there was anyway.

So, it was nice at first.
Talking, chilling and mainly hanning out in her livingroom.
Until we went to the only club in our shitty little town.

That club always used to be fun, but somehow the crowd there has changed and it's not so great anymore.
So we went there, my buzz completely wore off and I was starting to get a little uncomfortable.
You see, a lot of people were 'tired' or 'not feeling great', so they went hom early.

There just weren't enough of my close friends left to really party with.
I felt a little left out, so I was holding back and getting bored.
And J. had all close friends there, after all it was her party.

In the end I went home with two other people around 2:30.
Which is early for me on a saturday night.
It was just to damn awkward.

On the bright side, I'm not hungover.
That's kind of nice for a change.
But I do wish S. and T. were there last night.
That would have been so much fun.

(Laura Jansen - Single Girls)

February 11, 2010

You've Got Mail

I had my first day as mail delivery person today.
That's my job since last Saturday.

I know, I'm not proud of it, but money is money.

And it's only once a week.

Off course it's just my luck that it started snowing here again yesterday.
I didn't let it bother me too much though.
I mean, it's not 25 inches or anything.

Anyway, it's been a long hard day.
And awefully cold too.
I've walked so much that my knee hurts.
But it wasn't all bad.
And now I kind of know the area so it won't take me 3 hours next week.

I hope...

At least I don't have trombosis in my leg, like poor T.
The girl can't catch a break.
She was doing a lot better since her accident, but her leg hurted so bad she went to the doctor today.
Who found out she's got bloodclogging in her leg.
So now she's have to inject herself with bloodthinning medicin and wear special supportsocks for the next six months.
Can you imagine being 18 and having to wear a special sock all summer?
I feel so bad for her.

But a thankfull that it isn't me.

All my other friends are celebrating carnaval this weekend down south, but I can't afford it.
And I don't really like caranaval either.
I hate that I'll be alone this weekend.
Saturday night in front of the t.v....

(James Morisson - Call The Police)

February 2, 2010

By Accident

I just got home from visiting my best friend T.
As I mentioned before she was in Africa and supposed to come back this friday, but she returned a week early.
Not like N. to suprise us, but because she was in a car-accident.

I know, that's horrible, I was in complete shock when I read her e-mail last saturday.
She was in a taxi somewhere in Senegal when the driver lost control of the car and they crashed.
Car accidents are one of the main causes of death to tourists in Africa.
The roades are crap, the cars are crap and the drivers are crap.
She had so much luck though, she's relatively unharmed.
Her leg has a giant cut in it and she has stitches on her forehead.
But she's mostly just bruised and she has troubles moving, cause her muscles took a huge blow.
And she has hardly energy, so I couldn't stay very long.
She described everything really bad, but the swelling in her face subsided, so now it's just greenisch and her right eye lookes like a 4 year old goth girl put make-up on it.

Everything aside it was great to see her again, even though I couldn't hug her it was amazing to just sit and chat.
And she still has her spirit, she was mostly bummed out, cause now she has to wait another before she can go out again.
Amazing :)
I love her...

( Jamiroquai - Love Foolosophy )