November 30, 2009

Monday Blues

Have you ever had a monday off?
Well, I never untill today.
A strange thing about working in television is the always shifting workhours.
Since we shot last Saturday, I have the
 day off today.

I must say, it's a very strange feeling not to work on monday.
It was a strange feeling to work all day on a Saturday, but this is even wierder.
I slept untill eleven o'clock. Briefly interupted ar seven by my aunt and uncle's alarm clock.
Had breakfast, got dressed. 
Realised I still had a advent-calendar. 
This turned out to be a great suprise: it indeed was the chocolate kind.
After eating two of them, I sat down behind this laptop to look 
for a cherry pie recipe.
I've never made one before so it took a while to find one that was understandable.

Made the pastry and went to the supermarket to get canned cherries.
When I rolled out the pastry it turned out I didn't have enough, so I had to make more.
Put the pie in the oven, set the timer and got b
ack behind the laptop to find an awesome blog i saw yesterday that I can't find back.
I don't remember the name and 'next blog' is only getting me to the some lame-ass blogs over and over again.
I really don't get why they are all about bookreviews and poetry.
I dont' have poetry in my blog and I haven't written a bookreview since highschool.
Very, very frustrating.
Gave up and decided to write a blogmessage of my own.

The timer just went of so I took the pie out of 
the oven.
It's looking super delicious. I'm genius, if I may say so myself.
My cousin just told me I should stay longer so I can bake more pies and cookies.
I guess I'll just bake another one next week, when i have monday off as well.
I'm definitly getting bored right now. 
I think I might look for that blog again.
Does anyone know how to find blogs?
Is there a search-engine or something?

The idea of having to do the same thing next week, working on saturday instead of monday, is highly anoying.
I never liked mondays to begin with.

(The Carpenters - Rainy Days And Mondays) 

November 25, 2009

Little Sophie On T.V.

Yes, you're reading this right. I'm going to be on t.v.
okay, let me verify that: I might be on t.v.
for a second or so. 
a blury glimpse of my face.

And all that, because I got to be an extra on the show I'm working for.
As I have told before, I'm doind an inturnship as costume-assistend at a t.v.-show.
So, monday when they needed a couple of extra's, I got to stand in line for a concert.
A concert that never took place of a band that doesn't exist.
But still, I might be on t.v.

Well, that's pretty much the most exciting thing that happened to me this week.
my life exists out of getting up early, working all day and going to bed.
Work is kind of fun though. Now I have been here for a little while, it's not so boring anymore.
I know what I can do and I'm starting to really bond with the set-guys.

They are the guys that run around the set with earpieces and doing all the hard work.
While I sit around and teach the directors inturn, C., Dutch.
I'm getting along really good with him, he's fun and nice and sincerely interested.
It's a lot of fun to teach him, because he has a ridiculous pronouncement.
Almost American.

Anyway, that's kind of my life at the moment I guess.

November 22, 2009

Torn And Doing The Right Thing Sucks

I've got a bit of a problem.
Well, it's not really a problem, because the answer is obvious.
But somehow it keeps bothering me and messing with my head.
I'll explain the situation, so you get what I'm talking about.

It all started last week when I went to a party of a friend of mine.
My friend, L., is one of the few people I allready knew here in Hamburg.
Our family's go on holiday together and that's how we met.
Anyway, it was his birthday last Sunday, so offcourse I went.
I didn't know anyone there, so it seemed like a great way to get to know some more people here.
At first it was a little awkward. The party itself was more of a get together with some of L.'s friends, so at least it had a relaxed vibe.
After a while I got to talk with A., a nice girl, who was also a little bit of a stranger there.
I was getting more comfortable and everyone was really nice and cool.
Especially S., the one guy who wasn't shy and actually showed interest in me.
I dont't mean in a obviously flirty kind of way, but his brother has a Dutch girlfriend, so he was really interested in the Netherlands.
Anyway, he was fun and he wanted to send me a clip of him and L. singing together on a show. So I gave him my e-mail. 
It was all very casual, but I did feel a kind of spark between us.

On monday he added me on facebook and we talked some more. 
Now you have to understand that this is not leading to him being creepy or anything.
I'm just trying to explain how S. is really nice, funny and charming and kind of cute.
A little short, but then again I'm not tall, and half turkisch. He lookes more like half Italian though, which is way more my type.
Either way, we chatted a little and I promissed I'd go out with L., S. and their friends on Friday.

To fully understand this all, I have to explain, why my friendship with L. can be a little awkward from time to time. You see, there are two people I know from holiday who live here in Hamburg: L. and S. (another S, this one's a girl)
And L. and S. used to be best friends but haven't been speaking to each other in over two years.
Which can be very awkward for their mutual friends, including me.

This ment I wasn't planning on telling her about the party or going out with L.
Not to hide it, but because she wouldn't want to know.

Now two weeks ago I went out with S. and her friend F., who I had met before and we had a lot of fun. F. had recently been dumped by her boyfriend and not really happy. Understandably.
She didn't want to talk about it, so I didn't know who it was, how long they had been together and how bad it was for her.
Turnes out, kind of valuable information.

So, this Friday I got a text from L., saying he couldn's come because he had to babysit his little brother. But he gave me S.'s phonenumber so maybe I could go with him. 
S. was happy to hear from me and invited me to tag along with him and two friends.
It was a bit of wierd night, but I had fun just being out.
We talked and danced and he was nice, charming and a little flirty, but didn't try to pick me up or anything.
He's a great guy, very entertaining and sweet and I kind of like him.
I definitly felt drawn to him.
At the end of the night, we were all walking home, he asked me who I knew around here.
So I said, L., S. and F.
'Oh right', he said, 'F. is my ex-girlfriend'.

At that point I still had hope, because he said it so casually, that I wans't sure he ment a recent ex-girlfriend. He could have ment somewhere in the past.

Yesterday I wnet to the big birthday party of S.'s mother. I didn't tell her about Friday, this time because I was also feeling uncomfortable about the ex-girlfriend thing. F. was there and at the end of the night I finally asked her who of the guys at L.'s party was her ex. 
Turnes out, obviously with my luck, it is S.

Now I'm in a very sucky situation. I'm no way going to do anything about my attraction towards S., because that would just be wrong and i don't want to hurt F. 
But on the other hand, I can't stop thinking about him. 
I've only just met him and it's not a big deal to let him go, but I'm not entirely happy about it.
Well, at least I know I'm doing the right thing. And you never know, maybe she'll get over it in rocket speed. And I mean, it's not like I want anything serious, I just want to have a little fun.

(Kings of Leon - I Want You)

November 15, 2009

The Big Break-Out

Well, the city life doesn't seem to be agreeing so well with my skin.
Hence the name 'big break-out'. 
Not that I have big red zits all over my face all of the sudden, thank god.
No, it's more like thousands of little bumps and a couple of bugger painful ones.
And oily and dry spots.
I'm so not pleased. It must be a combination of stress and filthy air that's making my skin act up.

Anyway, it meant I had to put on a lot of foundation and powder for the premiere wednesday.
I looked awesome tough. And that's not me being vain, but a simple fact. I know, because every guy I passed on the way there turned to look. 
Ha, that's right, I'm hot.
My cousin didn't seem quite so happy with it though. He was being all protective and adorable insulted in a 'how dare you look at her like that, pervert?!' kind of way.
I felt mildly insulted by the looking, but mostly just flathered.

To give you an explanation and an idea of what I looked like: short, tight black dress, killer heels, bare legs (didn't have a matching panty, it was very cold though) ans a long blazer.
Unfortunatly I don't have a picture.
The fact that I was slightly overdressed (So was my cousin) didn't bother me (he was), because I always tend to be overdressed. 
I can't help it, I just love dresses, waistskirts and heels. I'm used to it now.

Because I have to wear pants and comfi shoes at work (cold and lots of standing) I try to express mxself with bright colours and a folklorisch kind of style. I stand out between all the jeans and black, that's for sure.

So, that was a long blog about my looks.
Which don't really seem to interest anyone, as I have been flirted with maybe twice since I'm here. Not that I really mind, most of the guys here aren't exactly worth flirting with. 
But I have a birthday party of a friend tonight, so I'm hoping he has some good looking friends.
I'm even starting to apreciate the dutch boys, they might be bad at flirting, but at least they try every once in a while.

(Beyonce - Sweet Dreams) 

November 11, 2009

If I Was A Superhero...

...My name would be 'Iron Girl'.

And I do not mean that is a 'superstrong-and-indestructable-and-therefor-supercool' kind of way, but in a 'if-there-was-a-country-for-people-who-iron-they-would-surely-crown-me-queen' kind of way.
Seriously, I iron a lot thes days.
It's the main part of my job.

I never ironed back home. I mean, I did once or twice, but I never had to.
When I move out, I should start a company or something.
'Cause I'm gonna kick ass at it after this inturnship.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that piece or uninteresting and completely irrelevant information.
I don't have time to write anything big, because my aunt's new movie premieres tonight and I get to walk the red carpet.
No let me refrase: rock the rd carpet.
I'm so excited!
My new shoes are kick ass. They're wine red with golden studs and peep toes.
And killer heels. I love high heels.

So , just before I hit the shower.
(I'm seriously running out of time here)
I have to say, I don't think costume design or television is my calling.
The fact that I'm more interested in what we have for lunch (omg, the catering is amazing) seems like a very large clue.
Even though I'm getting good at ironing.

Wow. That's really kind of sad...

(Leighton Meester - Betty Davis Eyes)

November 7, 2009

All Is New In My World

It's a very strange feeling to be somewhere entirely different from home.
I grew up in a verx small town so Hamburg a whole new experiance.
To get to my job I have to take the bus, the subway, another subway and then drive with some other people to the studio. Which all together takes me about an hour.
Since I have to be in the studio at 8 that means I have to get up way too early.
I am not a morning person.

The job isn't so bad though. I make long hours and from time to time it can be a little boring, but I'm easily bored so that doesn't really say anything.
My job simply containes every little thing that has to do with clothes.
I wash, iron and hang 'em up and I help the actors with their outfits and try to keep them happy.
But I think I'll be able to stand it for as long as it takes.

It's all very tiring. Not just because I work 10-12 hours a day, but also because I have to concetrate on what people tell me. I'm half German so the languge isn't a issue, it's just that people have a tendancy to talk in a different direction or very fast.
They might think I'm a little slow, because I ask them to repeat it so often.

I have found a new love in the subway. Where I come from everybody goes everywhere by bike, but very few brave people do so here.
I know I wouldn't try.
The subway though seems like a great alternative transportation.
I love to watch all the different people who get in and out. And it's highly comfortable.
Most people that ride the subway here can be divided into a few groups:
- white trash
- morrocan and turkisch guys
- gothics
- homeless men
- not so classy girls who wear short skirts and to much make-up
- old people

I have a lot of fun with that.

Everything is okay here, I feel a little out of place, but I'm allready turning into a big city girl.
Just one without the horrible taste in clothing and a normal amount of make-up.

November 2, 2009

Little Sophie In The Big City

After a five hour and dead boring train ride I arrived in Hamburg, Germany yesterday.
So now I'm sitting in my cousins room on his tini-tiny laptop trying to typ stuff.
Which is incredibly hard considering the key board is also tiny and has some keys in different places.
Prepare for a lot of type-o's the next couple of weeks.
It's also very frustrating how slow I'm typing, but I'm getting there.

Anyway, I kind of like it here so far.
Then again, I've only been here for a day now.
Today was a getting-used-to-being-somewhere-else day so I didn't really do that much.
Never the less it was very inetresting. For me, not so much for you.

As a recaps:
I slept in late and woke up with awfull back pains that haven't gone away yet, due to the hard as stone guest bed I'm sleeping on.
I really hope I'll get used to it soon, because I'll be here for the next six weeks.
My uncle took me to the trainstation to get a public transportation month card.
So now I'll be able to get places. Public transportation is the only way to travel here.
Which is new for me, because in the little town I live you can get everywere on a bike within 20 minutes. Max.
My cousin who skipped school today took me on teh bus to show me the busstation and do some as he calls it: chilling around.
It was fun and came down to me buying him a 18 rated movie (he's fourteen).
Which I wouldn't have if I didn't think that only a idiot would rate ' House of Wax' for 18 and over.
That's jus bull#.
Right now my other cousin is trying on suits for my aunts movie premiere because he loves to dress up. If he wasn't adopted he would have gotten that from me.
He's eleven and the cutest little boy you have ever seen.
And he lets me call me him 'kleiner' , which meand little one and cuttle him.
Just not in public. Obviously.
Come to think of it he might be twelve by now.
Doesn't matter, he so cuet I wanna eat him up.

So, now you have a idea of my family and experiances in Hamburg so far.
Tommorow is my first day of work, which means I'll have something actually interesting to talk about.

(The Fray - Look After You)