April 7, 2010

Sunny, Yesterday My Life...

Well, actually my life wasn't filled with rain yesterday.
It was gorgeous weather, just as now.
But it was all crap this past weekend.
I've spend the entire Easter weekend indoors.
Well, except for Friday and Saturday night.
I did go out.
And it was so much fun.

On Friday night I went to an Irish pub with the F. and L. (the other two dutch girls).
It was karaoke night and we had a blast.
I'd never been to anything like that so I laughed my ass off at the ridiculous people.
And the Irish bartenede J., was vey cute.
Might try to make a move on him ...

On Saturday we went out to dinner.
8 bucks for a drink and free buffet.
Since we're Dutch, we just went all you can eat on them.
After that, a short stop at the pub and than off to the clubs.
The first one was extremely lame, bad music and young boys.
But the second one was fabulous.
When we first came in it looked a bit shabby.
It was a bit shabby.

A guy came up to us and started talking.
We instantly saw he was gay.
He did the little had thing, you know.
We spend the entire night dancing with him and his (boy?)friend.
He was so hilarious!

The rest of the weekend was lame.
And now it's amazing weather, so I'm completely happy.
I went on a little tour of Florence yesterday, that was very interesting.
So, that's about it.

(Sunny - ?)

April 2, 2010

A Little Update On My Life

I forgot to post last time I was online, so I'll try to make up for it now.
First of all, I', allready making major progress in Italian.
It's so cool, I learn a lot each day.

Other than that, I don't feel very italian, since the weather is crappy and I spent most of my time inside.
I hope that about to change thouhg, since I've met the other two dutch girls at my school and we're going out tonight.
And tommorow night.
Tonight we're going an irish pub wich has karaoke night, I'm very curious.
And tommorow we'll be going out to dinner and after that hit the club.

They've warned me for the italian guys, apparatnly they're grabbers.
You know, the kind of guy that sneaks up behind you and grabbes you.
Scary, but I can stand my own.

That about the most exciting thing for me all week, it's been a little boring.
I did see an incredibly cute guy yesterday when I was taking a walk.
( I try to keep busy) He was jogging and omg, he was so gorgeous.

Well, my life isn't very interesting so far, but I'll try to keep you posted.
Now if you'll excuse me, I've seen the cutest jacket at H&M and I have to go get it.

(The Noisettes - Never Forget You )

March 29, 2010

It's A Start

So, it's my first day in Florence.
All very exciting.
My trip went fine yesterday and I arrived savely at my appartement.

The appartement is awesome.
Just to bad it's so far from the centre, but it's pretty big and I have it all to myzelf.
In two weeks another girl will come, but till then I'm on my own.
Which is kind of great and also kind of lonely.
Especially since I don't really know anyone.

Today was my first class.
I'm in the beginner class with two korean guys.
We communicate in poor englisch and italian.
It's a little rocky as you can imagine.
It's all very groundschool level, with lots of pictures and funny assignements.
But it's also harder than I thought.
There supposidly two other Dutch girls at the school, but they're in higher classes so maybe I'll meet them tommorow.

I haven't eaten anything all day, cause I had to catch my bus.
I should really rent a bike or at least get a monthtocket for public transportation.
Either way I'll look for a supermarket later today, cause I need food for diner.
I'm not sure what to do with the rest of my day.
Except for calling my mum.
I hope I meet some interesting people soon.
Wish me luck!

Oh and there won't be any pictures to brigthen up the posts.
I'm in an internetcafe and that's just too much work.

(Gavin Degraw - Free)

March 27, 2010

What's A Little Girl To Do

I'm leaving for Florence tommorow.
As I've mentioned over and over before.
I'm just so excited.
I've barely slept in the past couple of days, but even though I'm so tired I can't seem to sit for more than a minute.
Making blogposting extremely difficult.

I spend over two, maybe even three hours packing today.
Trying to figure out what to take with me and most importantly, what not.
Ryanair has this absurd lugage restriction, so my suitcase can weight no more than 15 kilo's.
Can you believe that?
I mean, I'm a girl, I need loads of stuff.
It's genetic!
Either way, the hardest thing was trying to balance my handlugage with my suitcase.
You see, as a compromise for the suitcaserule, you're handlugage can be 10 kilo's.
Now 25 kilo's in total would be fine, only now my handlugage is a weekendbag and 8 kilo's.
That I will be carrying around.
I'm just a little girl, that's going to be tough.
I just hope they don't give me a hard time at customs, because it just barely meets the size restrictions.

Well, I guess I'll take a quick look at my bags tommorow and then just risk it.
It should be fine...

For now I have to try to figure out what to wear tonight.
Me and my friends, T., N. and M. are going to a town nearby.
A slightly bigger town with more clubs.
Off course tonigh summertime sets in, so we have one hour less to party.
Stupid Dutch cheapness.
Well, I'm excited though, it'll be fun.
Can't wait for tommorow, but I'm sad to leave my parents, sister and friends at home...
Wish me luck!

(BoB - Nothing On You)

March 23, 2010

Little White Lies

Something quite embarassing happend to me last saturday.
The night started out fine.
We all went to M.'s house, who just got back from Vancouver.
She had some great stories about wierd Canadians, no offence, you're just a little wierd.

After that we went out and T. came along.
She's doing a lot better now and was ready to party.
Even though she's only alowed two alcoholic consumptions.
So we had a couple of tequila shots.

This is where it kind of started going wrong.
Not because I was drunk.
Please, I can hold my liquor.
But I was looking around when I saw a cute guy.

When I say cute, I mean cute.
Blond hair, a little baby face, but strangly enough, that seems to be my thing.
I always go for guys that look a little younger.
Maybe this means, I´ll become a cougar later.
I hope not though.

Anyway, I started flirting with him.
Very obviously as well.
You know the drill, looking over, smiling, playing with my hair, gigling with my friends
So finally we were standing close and the idiot poors his beer over me.
I should have known better at that point, than to keep flirting.
Not because of the beer, that happends all the time, but because he didn´t use it to his advantage.
See, I would have made a joke and offered him a drink or something.
Use it as an ice-breaker.
Maybe throw in a bad line, like: "I'm sorry, I always get clumsy around cute guys."
He didn't.

Later on, after another while of flirting, he came over and we started dancing.
He was a little shy, something felt a little off.
I turn around.

We're almost there...

He askes me "where do you live? how old are you?"
I say: "18 and you?"

"I'm 16."


So, I told him it wasn't going to happend and went back to my friends.
Who all laughed at face.
It was so embarassing.

I still feel a little wierd about it, but I'm glad I didn't make out with him or something.
One of my friends, J., said he should have just lied.
And she's right.

So here's some advice to guys:
When a girl tells you she older than you, you don't tell her your real age.
You lie!
Even if she doesn't really believe you, you'll still have a shot with her and she won't feel like a pedofile.
Girls don't come to clubs to find a boyfriend, so you don't have to tell her the truth.
It's for her own good.

(Boys Like Girls - Two Is Better Than One)

March 20, 2010

Working Out The Details Or What To Pack

So, well, my life isn't any more interesting these days.
I'm still exhausted from working a double shift last thursday, but that's about it.

I'm also constantly a little nervous. I'm leaving in 8 days and I have to take care of the last details.
It's such a wierd feeling, it's finally getting real.
I heard where I'll be staying in Florence yesterday too.
Unfortunatly not very close to the language school or the centre, but I can manage 20 minutes by bus or bike every day.
At least I know where I'll be staying.

I love Google for inventing streetview.
I've been walking around Florence all day.
A genius invention.

So, all I have left tot do now is plan and pack.
There are a couple of little things I need to take care of when I have arrived, like getting a buscard and timetable and renting a bike and stuff.
All things I sort of need to plan now.
The most important queation however still remains the same.
What to pack?
I've allready made a list, but I haven't decided on the clothes and shoes yet.
Yes, I'm such a girl.
It's my biggest problem and a little sad, but I find it so hard to decide.
I just want to take all my clothes, but I'd need three extra plain tickets.
So that's not really an option...

Anyway, as you can see I'm very excited and a little nervous.
I hope I don't miss my flight or get robbed or something...
Oh crap, wish me luck!

(Jesse McCartney - Right Where You Want Me)

March 6, 2010

Creeping Up

Just three more weeks before I go to Florence...
I'm starting to get very, very nervous.
Excited too, but mostly just nervous.

I can't wait to be in Italy and finally see the sun again.
but on the other hand I'll be completely on my own in a foreign country.
Where I don't speak the language yet.

I know it's going to be awesome.
It just has to be.
And I know I'm ready for this.
I've allready been to Hamburg semi on my own.
So I know I'll be fine.

It's just feels so wierd.
Anyway, I felt like sharing.
That's it.
Nothing going on in my life really.
The most exciting thing I did all week was buying a new parfume.
God, I'm bored.

And tired, I had to delivere 43 kilo's of mail last Tuesday.
That's a lot...

(AJ Rafael - Showstopper)