December 28, 2009

Christmas Crap

I was hoping to be able to tell you guys soem hilarious stories of christmas with my family, but unfortunatly it wasn't all that great this year.
Which especially sucks, because it's my favorite holiday.
I love christmas with my family, all the food and presents and just hanging around.

I knew it was going to be different this year, because my grandparents moved to a retirement-home so we couldn't celebrate at their place, like we allways do.
It started off great though with my mom and aunts who have this DNA mallfunction that leads to buying unbelievable amounts of food.
They allways devide certain things, but then don't trust the others to buy it, so they bring some themselves.
I swear we could have fed the entire town.

But at Christmas eve is was starting to get bad, because my grandma was sick so she and my grandpa couldn't come.
I quickly got over that as I got lots of cool presents.
I'm so spoiled...

We ate fewer than usual, missing my granparents apperently mixes up your appetite.
I was fun though.

The next morning I was brutally wakened by my mom, who told me she was going to the hospital.
My grandma had a stroke.
So that what screwed up my christmas.

She doing better now, but she's paralysed on her left side and very weak.
I visited her in the hospital.
That was so wierd. Seeing her like that.

Either way, my worst Christmas yet, but it could have been worse.
We had fun despite all the crap.

(Maria Mena - Fragile)

December 24, 2009


Hi everyone,

in a few minutes I'll be on my way to celebrate christmas with my family.
Our car is fully packed and I'll probably come home about 5 kilo's heavier.
I'll be back home on Sunday, so I'll tell you guys than about christmas with my family.
Untill than: Merry Christmas everyone!

All my love,

December 21, 2009

Two Days, Three Parties, Giant Hangover

I'm a little late with this post, because of my enormous hangover yesterday.
Looking at a computer screen made my head feel like it would burst.
Highly unpleasant.

I must say, you know you had a great night when you're still dizzy in the morning.
Although I hate feeling like I don't remember everything...

On Friday I had a farewell/christmas party from my inturnship.
I'd never been to one before, but I liked it.
Then again, what's not to like about gin&tonics on the company's bill?
Oh, I should have stayed there.
That way there could have also been a slight chance of hooking up with D.
I haven't told you guys about him yet.

D. is 25 and one of the guys who worked on the set.
The kind who walks around with an earpiece doing absolutely nothing.
He was older, cute, nice and funny.
And he had that amazing aura of a guy who is unaware of how sexy he is.
I liked him, but he never showed any interest in me.
Why would he? If I was a 25 year old guy, I wouldn't be into a 18 girl either.
Or maybe I would be, can't say with certainty.

Either way, I left the christmas party to go to a club with friends.
It was freezing cold outside and I spend half an hour in line with open shoes.
I was seriously worried I might have frostbite.
And it so was not worth it.
Inside the club it was so full I could hardly move, my previous G&T buzz had worn off in the cold and my friend S. was complaining about her feet hurting.
If you wear heels going out, that entirely on you.

Worst of all, my other friend L. and his friend (my crush) S. didn't get in.
You're kind of a loser when you're 18 and still can't get in.
So I left early and went to bed.

the next morning I was in a lot of stress, because i couldn't get all of my stuff into my suitcase and was running out of time.
It all worked out though.
Because of the massive snowfall here, I had a total delay of three hours.
On different trains.
I was so done for when I finally got home, but I went out anyway.
I mean, I hadn't seen my friends in 6 weeks. I had to go out.

I'm glad I did, it was so much fun.
Sadly enough, I don't remember everything.
As tradition I had a lot of tequilla. We always drink tequilla.
Later on i had beer, which turned out to be a very bad decision.
I puked my guts out when I got home.
At that point I was hammered.
It never happened to me before that I was ever more drunk by the time I got home, than I had been in the club.
A whole new experience.

Anyway, the reason I had beer was a good one though.
Or a pleasant one.
See, my friend has got a new boyfriend and he turned out to have a very cute and generous friend.
Who started hitting on me and buying me beer.
He was very impressed (and a little annoyed) when I turned out to be a better drinker than him.
I'm just glad he didn't see me when the alcohol kicked in.

I'm a little dissapointed though that even while he came up to me and was very flirty, he didn't kiss me or even ask for my number.
What's up with that?

At the moment I'm sort of snowed in. There's so much snow, it's gorgeous, but you can't really get anywhere.
No public transportation or anything.

(Beyonce Knowles - Halo)

December 16, 2009

Counting Down The Days

Well, I thought it was about time to post something new.

Okay, I'll admit, I've been thinking that for over a week, but I just couldn't get myself to actually do it.
I have such little selfdiscipline I'd be ashamed of it. If I wasn't too damn lazy.

Either way, there hasn't been much going on in my life since my last post.
I've spend last week in bed, so that wasn't very excited.
I could have used that time to post, but again, I'm lazy.

This is my last week in Hamburg, so I'm a little sad.
I don't feel like going home yet.
Particially because of S.
I was actually supposed to go out with him last saturday.
Off course, my fate turned against me.
I send him two textmessages, but he didn't react.
So I spend the weekend being a little pissed off.
I seem to spending quit some tim epissed off because of him...

When I talked to him, he told me the memorycard in his phone had been full, so he couldn't recieve any messages all weekend.
I'm not sure I belive him.
Well, I guess it doesn't really matter wether I believe him or not.
I'm leaving soon anyway.

But before I go I have two party's.
Both are this friday, so it's going to go out with a bang.
First up is a christmas/end party from my inturnship.
I hope it's going to be fun, I've never been to something like that before.
Everyone seems excited, so I'm expecting good times.
After that I'm going to take a cab (leftover money) and drive to the next party.
Which is ironicly enough, F. 18th birthday party.
Ironicall, because it's my last chance to hook up with S.
I want to, but I also think that hooking up with him at her birthday might be a little too bad.
Anyway, I'm going to be there to have fun, so I'm going to try not to worry.

So, enough to do the last couple of days.
I haven't even started to pack yet.
I'll keep you guys updated.

(Sara Bareilles - Morning Side)

December 6, 2009

Dissapointments And Confusions

If you have flexible workhours don't plan things for the weekend.
This will save you a lot of dissapointment.
To explain: my friend S. (the girl) called me up on monday to ask me if I wanted to come to this huge party on friday.
My answer is obvious. Somewhere between a 'hurray' and a 'thank you god'.
I almost died of boredom last weekend.

So, she promised she would get me a ticket and I could decide later wether or not I would come.
This wasn't completely sure yet, since I would have to work on saturday.
As soon as I dicided to go either way (to hell with work, I'm young and I like to party), I heard that we would be doing a night shooting on friday.
This meaning I'd probably be home by one in the morning.
I was pissed off all day long.
I tried to plan around it, because I really wanted to go. I ever got a L. to promise he'd come to get me at half past one or so.

I was completely sure that god or someone upo there must really hate me.
As you can see, I was seriously dissapointed and pissed.
But my luck turned as the always nice garderobiere promissed I could go early if it didn't rain.

I've spend the entire saturday wishing it wouldn't rain and my prayers were heard.
So, I was home by ten. Picked up at ten thirty.
Walking the streets with three tipsy guys by twelve and at the party by half past twelve.

It was an obvioushighschoolparty, but I had a blast.
Could have been better if  had been drinking more.
Or better said, started earlier.
And if I had danced with S. (my semi-crush) longer and not been a little scared of what S. (my friend) would say or if F. would be hurt by it.
He was more drunk than I at that moment thought, so maybe it was a good thing I pulled away when S. came over.
But I really liked dancing with him and if it had been a little longer I so would have kissed him.

I'm kind of glad I didn't now. Somewhere at the end S.(girl) was talking to S.(crush) and seemed a little pissed. I wasn't sure if that was about us dancing or something so I asked her.
You know what she said: 'that's a long story...'
What kind of an answer is that?
So I asked F. yesterday what that was all about, but she didn't really know. 
Apparently S. tried to dance with S. (my god, this is getting complicated) all night and was sort of coming on to her.
F. herself had been completely wasted all night, to my entertainment.
She was a little shaken up, cause S. had ignored her all night and then all of the sudden talked to her.
I'm also very curious what that was about.

In case you don't understand the story anymore, read the last post.
That should explain a lot of the backgrounds here.

Oh, and after S. talked to S., he ignored me all night.
Which was very annoying.
L. on the other hand was also drunk and getting touchy and flirty.
This was a little disturbing to me,  since I don't find him attractive at all.
I think I should avoid him when he's drunk, so there won't be any awkwardness.

Either way, I'm very confused and feel left out on important information.
And I'm dissapointed that S. apparently has no real interest in me.
Unless he's drunk. I should take advantage of that when we all go out again next week.
He and F. broke up over a month ago, that's long enough right? 
And it's my last weekend here next week, so we have to all go out one last time.

Wait, stop.
Don't get exited now.
Something will just come up and ruine everything.
I learned that allright.

(The Gossip - Heavy Cross)