March 6, 2010

Creeping Up

Just three more weeks before I go to Florence...
I'm starting to get very, very nervous.
Excited too, but mostly just nervous.

I can't wait to be in Italy and finally see the sun again.
but on the other hand I'll be completely on my own in a foreign country.
Where I don't speak the language yet.

I know it's going to be awesome.
It just has to be.
And I know I'm ready for this.
I've allready been to Hamburg semi on my own.
So I know I'll be fine.

It's just feels so wierd.
Anyway, I felt like sharing.
That's it.
Nothing going on in my life really.
The most exciting thing I did all week was buying a new parfume.
God, I'm bored.

And tired, I had to delivere 43 kilo's of mail last Tuesday.
That's a lot...

(AJ Rafael - Showstopper)

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