March 27, 2010

What's A Little Girl To Do

I'm leaving for Florence tommorow.
As I've mentioned over and over before.
I'm just so excited.
I've barely slept in the past couple of days, but even though I'm so tired I can't seem to sit for more than a minute.
Making blogposting extremely difficult.

I spend over two, maybe even three hours packing today.
Trying to figure out what to take with me and most importantly, what not.
Ryanair has this absurd lugage restriction, so my suitcase can weight no more than 15 kilo's.
Can you believe that?
I mean, I'm a girl, I need loads of stuff.
It's genetic!
Either way, the hardest thing was trying to balance my handlugage with my suitcase.
You see, as a compromise for the suitcaserule, you're handlugage can be 10 kilo's.
Now 25 kilo's in total would be fine, only now my handlugage is a weekendbag and 8 kilo's.
That I will be carrying around.
I'm just a little girl, that's going to be tough.
I just hope they don't give me a hard time at customs, because it just barely meets the size restrictions.

Well, I guess I'll take a quick look at my bags tommorow and then just risk it.
It should be fine...

For now I have to try to figure out what to wear tonight.
Me and my friends, T., N. and M. are going to a town nearby.
A slightly bigger town with more clubs.
Off course tonigh summertime sets in, so we have one hour less to party.
Stupid Dutch cheapness.
Well, I'm excited though, it'll be fun.
Can't wait for tommorow, but I'm sad to leave my parents, sister and friends at home...
Wish me luck!

(BoB - Nothing On You)

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