March 23, 2010

Little White Lies

Something quite embarassing happend to me last saturday.
The night started out fine.
We all went to M.'s house, who just got back from Vancouver.
She had some great stories about wierd Canadians, no offence, you're just a little wierd.

After that we went out and T. came along.
She's doing a lot better now and was ready to party.
Even though she's only alowed two alcoholic consumptions.
So we had a couple of tequila shots.

This is where it kind of started going wrong.
Not because I was drunk.
Please, I can hold my liquor.
But I was looking around when I saw a cute guy.

When I say cute, I mean cute.
Blond hair, a little baby face, but strangly enough, that seems to be my thing.
I always go for guys that look a little younger.
Maybe this means, I´ll become a cougar later.
I hope not though.

Anyway, I started flirting with him.
Very obviously as well.
You know the drill, looking over, smiling, playing with my hair, gigling with my friends
So finally we were standing close and the idiot poors his beer over me.
I should have known better at that point, than to keep flirting.
Not because of the beer, that happends all the time, but because he didn´t use it to his advantage.
See, I would have made a joke and offered him a drink or something.
Use it as an ice-breaker.
Maybe throw in a bad line, like: "I'm sorry, I always get clumsy around cute guys."
He didn't.

Later on, after another while of flirting, he came over and we started dancing.
He was a little shy, something felt a little off.
I turn around.

We're almost there...

He askes me "where do you live? how old are you?"
I say: "18 and you?"

"I'm 16."


So, I told him it wasn't going to happend and went back to my friends.
Who all laughed at face.
It was so embarassing.

I still feel a little wierd about it, but I'm glad I didn't make out with him or something.
One of my friends, J., said he should have just lied.
And she's right.

So here's some advice to guys:
When a girl tells you she older than you, you don't tell her your real age.
You lie!
Even if she doesn't really believe you, you'll still have a shot with her and she won't feel like a pedofile.
Girls don't come to clubs to find a boyfriend, so you don't have to tell her the truth.
It's for her own good.

(Boys Like Girls - Two Is Better Than One)

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